The documents below examine German history, and span the period between 1942 and 1948. They are part of the private collection of Bastiaan Willems, can freely be used for educational purposes, and are also available in high-resolution by following the contact information below. Users are encouraged to get in touch and discuss the context in which they intend to use the documents, but should not feel obligated.

Gas and electricity bill of Helene Sokoll, June 1944

Replacement-ID of Helene Sokoll, August 1944

Registration of Erna Gorgol in Königsberg, January 1945

Registration of Helene Sokoll in Berlin, February 1945

Certificate of vaccination September/ October 1945

Refugee certificate, Berlin, October 1945

Friedland transit camp, November 1945

Refugee registration card, November 1945

German Red Cross nurse, Königsberg 1944-45

German Red Cross membership card Königsberg

Work card Ivan Maksemenko, October 1942-1944

Cufftitle Marinelazarett Pillau/Ostpr., 1944

Marching orders Dr. Otto Beyer, January 1945

Trauerbericht Leutnant Göttling, February 1945 

Letter from 18th Flak-Div.ision, 13 February 1945 

Soviet propaganda leaflet aimed at Volkssturm men

Congratulatory pamphlet Stalin, April 1945

Certificates for medal: "For the capture of Königsberg"

Letter by Pfarrer Linck
to widow, 5 May 1944

Obituary notice Pfarrer Erich Gollnick, May 1944

Letter of Heide Reinhardt, 
27 September 1944

Letter of Heide Reinhardt, 
5 October 1944

Letter of Obergefreiter
Lorenzen, 23 Sept. 1944

Letter of Obergefreiter
Lorenzen, 14 Oct. 1944

Letter of Obergefreiter
Lorenzen, 25 Oct. 1944

Letter of Obergefreiter
Lorenzen, 28 Oct. 1944

Letter of Obergefreiter
Lorenzen, 30 Oct. 1944

Letter of Unteroffizier Eipel, 
7 January 1945

Letter of Leutnant Henke 
3 January 1945

Letter of Leutnant Henke
12 January 1945

Letter of Leutnant Henke, 
13 February 1945

Letter of Leutnant Henke, 
17 February 1945

Letter of Leutnant Henke,
23 February 1945

Letter of Leutnant Henke, April 1946

Letters of Leutnant Henke,
Christmas 1947

Order from Generaloberst Rendulic, 21 February 1945

Orders pertaining to Ostpreussen-Feldpost

24 February 1945

General Müller's appreciation for medics, 27 February 1945

Orders pertaining to Knight's Cross, Feb. and March 1945 

Order of the day 61st Inf.-Div. 5 March 1945

Order of the day 61st Inf.-Div. 
9 March 1945

Order to Bau. u. Sich. Btl 161
13 March 1945

16 March 1945

Order concerning Hiwis
19 March 1945

Leaflet directed at German troops in Heiligenbeil Kessel

Leaflet "Wilck - He is to blame" November 1944

Leaflet "You are now cut off!" November 1944

Leaflet "ONE MINUTE" December 1944

Congratulatory pamphlet Stalin, January 1945

Letter discussing suicide, Görlitz, 24 January 1945

Leaflet "Two lessons - One decision!" March 1945

Letter of two refugees, Buchow, 22 February 1945

Leaflet "The Russian Flood", February 1945

Leaflet "Germany's future", March 1945

Registration confirmation,

Wałbrzych, July 1945